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on Gold & Silver spot price.
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Wholesale price shown in website today is based on
Gold oz. US$ 1300
Silver oz. US$ 30


Our main business is manufacturing jewelry for jewelry brands around the world and we offer a complete range and one-stop service for fine jewelry designers, with flexible minimum order requirement:

But_whybella Gold 8K- 22K in yellow, pink, green, and white
But_whybella Sterling silver
But_whybella Nickel free alloy for European standard

But_whybella Casting
But_whybella Stamping

Model Making
But_whybella Design executions from your pencil sketch to technical drawing
But_whybella In-house CAD CAM service
But_whybella Hand carved wax
But_whybella Hand made silver model
But_whybella CNC wax
But_whybella RP wax
But_whybella Hi-definition wax


Cost for a model building is usually between US$30 to US$200 depending on size and difficulty of the design
Lead time:3 - 4 weeks


But_whybella AA grade natural gemstones from reliable sources
But_whybella We can provide largest range of stones at very affordable prices
But_whybella In-house lapidary with 20 stone cutters
But_whybella Specializing in fancy cuts, especially big gems at very competitive prices